Friday, December 3, 2010

Tis the season to be rushed

As much as I try to remain laid back about the holidays, it never works out.  No matter how many presents i order from the comfort of my home office chair, there are always more and more errands to run, things to be done, and quilts that seem to have rapidly approaching deadlines. 
So, for accomplishment tomorrow I hope to get done with...
basket ball game, birthday party, family dinner, finish a quilt top and get a quilt quilted on Lizzie-it hasn't been put on the machine yet,
So, if anyone has extra hours floating around tomorrow, send them my way, I need hundreds!


  1. How 'bout if we pool our funds, find some amazing inventor, and lock him/her in the basement until that magic remote control is created??!?!!?!?

    I get dibs first though ;0)

    Good luck on your goals!!!!!!

  2. SOunds great! You are way ahead of me though-being up at 5:38 am on a Saturday...
    Hope you get to all you want to get done today too!



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