Tuesday, December 7, 2010

one of three

One of the three quilts I need finished by Dec. 16th is quilted-just needs to be bound. I like the back of it better than the front.  The other two tops are anxiously awaiting their turn on the Lizzie.  Maybe one will jump on there while my husband and son are at Basketball practice Thursday night.  Not sure how I will get finished with all that is scheduled this weekend. BB game, dinner party for my husband's office, piano recital, and let's not forget all the rest of the holiday shopping that needs to get done.  I haven't been to the grocery store in a while either and I am feeling it in my boring lunches at work. 
I did get the Christmas cards filled out last night but I have no stamps for them-add that to the to-do list!
Here is the picture I am including in the cards.  I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday preparations.  I am mostly looking forward to having time off for quilting!


  1. Okay dear....one positive you need to know.....I don't have Christmas cards written yet :0)

    I am certain you will amazingly accomplish everything that needs to get done and then that life will return to a non-stressed (boring?) calm after the holidays.

  2. You have more quilts done than I do though! Love the horse one!
    I so hope the week after the holiday is boring to the point of me having to pullout some old projects to work on-I still have the Double Delight mystery -from how many years ago?
    Wish you the best!



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