Monday, December 13, 2010


okay, three days until due date for quilted gifts, two days until due date for grading 130 myths, and a house full of bagged presents that need to be wrapped ASAP.  On top of this, on the very last row of my quilt tonight, Lizzie just QUIT!  She was sewing 2, skipping 5+ etc.  I cleaned, oiled, shut off for a while, re-threaded, and stood on my head but she did not take pity on me.  the last row of my quilt looks like %^$#@@(&!  so now I have 3 quilts to bind as well as some un-sewing to do to get these things ready to go to school with me on Thursday.  Don't know when I am going to get all those myths read-some as soon as I hop off of here-probably with a big dose of chocolate or maybe even something stiffer-Kahlua sound good!

I hope you all are having more fun getting ready for the holidays.  I am just feeling the pressure right now!
  But, tomorrow is another day...
take care!

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