Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a day!

Shopped this morning-not for Christmas presents but for something to wear to my husband's office dinner party-good thing I found something suitable finally since the dinner was tonight!  Then a basketball game which was the best the kids have ever played.  They have  won before, they lost this one by one basket but they played beautifully!  My son made a basket and some really awesomely excellent plays!  Way to go kiddo!
Then went to a few different places looking for the perfect gift and never found it but did run into someone who was able to help me with the perfect gift for someone else!
Came back home and got ready for the dinner party, drove an hour, up into the mountains and had a great time at a beautiful little restaurant, with a great bunch of people-the most wonderful one being my handsome husband of course!
Now I am looking at all the great quilty pieces you all have finished in my absence and looking forward to jumping on my Lizzie in the morning to quilt the third and final quilt that needs to be done by the 16th.  Then I just have to bind all three.  Once school is out after the 17th, I have at least one more that really needs to be quilted & bound before Christmas. 
My closet is stuffed full of Christmas presents that need to be wrapped-don't know when I will get to that part!
Plus-both kids have a piano recital tomorrow-it will be lovely!  Don't know when the last time I went to the grocery store was and I my daughter's science project hasn't been started yet.  It is due the 16th!  I think I know what my husband and daughter will be doing tomorrow...

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  1. Oh boy---through all of this, remember to BREATHE :0)
    I pride myself on all that I do, but tscha...your post tired ME out!



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