Sunday, January 16, 2011


Okay, I abandoned the too colorful quilt below-Love it, but not for my bed.

Here is the basic pattern.  I will need about 480 blocks.  They are only 6". 

 I am calling this quilt "Serendipity"  because that is the word my husband used to describe how I just started throwing the colors together and hoping they came out looking good. 

So far I have about half of the color blocks sewn together.  These are the only ones with the white actually added.  I had to take my first break of the day to let the dogs out and get laundry going etc.  I will also have to go run some errands later.  But for now, I am sewing.  I have the house all to myself as most of my most precious cargo is off taking their first snowboarding lessons.  I am just hoping no one comes back broken!


  1. I love this. way less busy than what you had before.

    enjoy your day home alone!

  2. I tend to use white to help "hold together" lots of colors and scraps. The white is a beautiful and "clean" connector; your current choice will end up beautiful together.

  3. I love the blocks with white. It give the colors a chance to stand out.



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