Thursday, January 6, 2011

UFO in progress

I managed to grab about an hour of sewing time tonight and made some progress on the UFO I have chosen to work on for January.

This is the upper corner.  I love the way quilts look with the blocks set on point but it is not my favorite way to put quilts together.  I always end up getting confused no matter how careful I am.  I only had to rip 2 seams tonight that I can remember.

Here are the other strips put together. I still have about 3 of the narrow setting strips to put together (the cream colored ones with the brown flying geese) and then I can put the rest of the quilt together.  Maybe that will happen this weekend. 
This is a lap size quilt but I am thinking about hanging it on my Living room wall.  I have one wall that is green and has a small Hawaiian quilt hanging on it.  (NO, I did NOT make the Hawaiian quilt)  I am thinking this might look really good beside it.  We will see...

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