Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great Saturday

It has been a great Saturday!  I had my History grant day and we got a lot of great ideas for using writing in our classrooms-though half of them I have done before and on a regular basis, now I have some great ideas for extending them! 
My husband is feeling better and predicts that by tomorrow night he may feel good enough to say he is on the mend. 
I even took a few minutes of sewing this evening and plan on sewing all day tomorrow.  Don't know that I will have much to show you though.  Hopefully soon.  My blogs have been eerily devoid of eye candy lately.
The one negative, I haven't seen my kiddos since early this morning.   They are with grandparents tonight having a ball without me.  They are supposed to be helping grandma get her sewing closet and guest room organized.  You can see her lovely works over at

Happy Weekend to All!

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  1. I am certain the kiddos are enjoying every minute with Grandma and vice versa! So glad the day was productive! New ideas are always exciting.

    Here's hoping that you find some time to balance everything!



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