Friday, March 4, 2011

Instead of getting simple...

my life just gets crazier and crazier.  My poor husband has had the flu for a week and has not been showing much improvement-until, finally, tonight, he actually ate at the dinner table with us and managed to swallow a few bites of REAL FOOD! 
But now, sadly, my house has come down with this awful virus.  It is droopy with laundry, cruddy with dirty dishes, stuffy with clutter and dehydrated since I haven't had time to go pick up our drinking water this week.  My refrigerator needs a serious cleaning out and my shower a good steam.
However, my day tomorrow is already planned with History Grant stuff and Sunday is dedicated to quilting!  It just can't be avoided any longer.  I MUST QUILT!
Therefore, my very sick and tired house will just have to have a good sleep and hope that next week it starts looking and feeling better. 
On the bright side, there is only one more week of school until Spring Break!  The house might get a little attention then.  But mostly I will be spending that time with Lizzie and Bernina and maybe my kids and I will make it to the park a few times. 
Maybe there is hope of seeing summer after all.

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  1. Whew....perhaps there is an epidemic going around, because my house is (almost) suffering from those same symptoms! Think we need to contact the news media????

    Well Andra----I CERTAINLY hope you will INSIST that you get some sewing time in on Sunday. Hopefully you're family will be understanding and won't mind if the "sick house" is given the weekend to sleep so that you can get some "you time."



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