Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a great day

Thought it was going to be a horrible day of haggling to get Lizzie working.  But I was SO SO wrong, thank heaven!  Getting a lot done-not me, family in town and they are doing tons to help me out around the house.  I love to have them visit and it is a blessing to have them.  I hope they know they are very appreciated!
My Lizzie was fixed quickly and easily. 
I would like to list my accomplishments for the day but none of what I have to list are MY accomplishments-almost all of it has been done by someone else...
  • ceiling fans added to kids rooms
  • baseboard trim around the new tile floor-and trim around the cupboards
  • a clean kitchen
  • some laundry done
  • two baby quilt tops complete-I helped with this one
  • a large quilt half way quilted on Lizzie-yeah, this one is mine-need to finish it tomorrow
  • a fabulous dinner-nope-none of that is my doing
If every day of spring break were this productive, I might actually have the house in decent shape before I go back to work next week.  But, alas, after tomorrow I will be on my own again and things will get done at their regular slow pace- or, more likely, not at all.
 And where, oh, where is that exercise routine I was going to make sure I started this week????
Oh, forget it, quilting is so much more fun!

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