Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lazy Spring Break Day

So, This is probably the first real lazy day I have had of spring break.  I was trying to get a UFO quilted -Lizzie was running beautifully-and I ran out of thread.  Then I worked on block lotto blocks which I finished but have not yet been motivated to trim and take a picture to post.  I worked a little on my Serendipity quilt after that but no real progress made on anything. 
We did go to the park twice today.  The first time I walked and did some strength exercises which just made me realize how very out of shape I am.  The second trip, I took a blanket and lay in the sun reading.  That was blissful!
So- Goals for tomorrow-actually have some pictures to POST
  • trim and post block lotto blocks
  • work on a UFO-no new quilts for a while so I can get some finished!
  • drive in to town and get thread so I can finish the quilt and get it off the frame!
  • I probably should go grocery shopping...
  • try not to panic that it is almost the end of my week of Spring Break :)
Have a great one!

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