Thursday, April 14, 2011


Okay, I am two days behind on the photo challenge, tomorrow is April 15th and taxes are not done (husband's job) nor do I have quilts to package up and send to Japan.
I have a fieldtrip tomorrow-130+ students, 22 parents, 4 teachers to the science museum and planetarium-feeling a bit frazzled preparing for that-(note to self: don't forget a sack lunch, tennis shoes, school shirt for easy identification...)! 
I have a lesson plan to write before Saturday morning for my History grant.
My daughter is in a play that performs tomorrow and Saturday-guess I will attend on Saturday since I have homework tomorrow night. 
Some time this weekend I think we are squeezing in a piano recital.  I still need to bind those monkey quilts for the twins that could be born any second.
There is a quilt show I want to swing by this weekend too. This is a must for my sanity!
Maybe some of you have noticed that I do not handle stress well.  I just become completely overwhelmed.  This is one of those times for sure.  I could use another spring break right about now.  And, another one right after that.  Then I should be all caught up and ready for Summer!
Off to bed only an hour later than usual.
Have a good one!

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