Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quilt Show

Here are some pictures I snapped at the Thimbleweeds Quilters Show in Veteran's Park on Sunday.  The spring wind was showing its gentle side but it still blew those beauties all over the place.
Sit back and enjoy the show.  I had to narrow it down to just my favorites.  

a bright and cheerful beauty!

I love brown with bright colors!
 Love this!  I do not like piecing pineapple blocks though so this is not anywhere in my near future.  Gotta love the butterflies!
 Love the traditional look of this one and those feathers!  I am about to attempt my first feathers with my Lizzie if I can ever find the time and energy.
 Love the scrappiness!

Just beautiful...

 I have only done one Bargello top and have never added borders.  Mine is not as pretty as this one.

This looks JUST LIKE my Serendipity but in purple instead of white.  Whoever created this one used the same jelly roll as I did (plus I added another one).  It looks great!
Love the colors here!  I have started a quilt with the delectable mountain blocks like the ones around the edge here but mine is Black and Tan for my beer aficionado husband.  Someday I will get these things finished-really, I will!

Thank you so much to the lovely Thimbleweed artists for sharing these beauties-and many more- with us!  Such an inspiration!

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