Saturday, April 2, 2011


I hear my husband grinding coffee-which indicates that it is time to head off to bed but I had to polish my day off with a post-sorry-no quilt pics...
I had hoped to post pics of the blossoms from our trees and even forgot to do that today while we were out doing the first bit of spring yard work.
Then it was grocery shopping, housecleaning, and a lovely family party for my Mom's birthday which is tomorrow.
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Tomorrow, though, the husband and kids are off to be the pit crew for a racing friend.  They did that last year too-oh, wait, maybe I can find a pic or two...

They were working so hard!

And, I will be racing to get a quilt off of Lizzie and two more on there so my sister can get them mailed off to friends who are expecting twin boys very soon.  Wish me luck.

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