Friday, June 3, 2011

Double Delight =Double Disaster

Okay, so , if you have seen the double delight quilt on the quiltville website, you know that these two squares are supposed to fit together in a grid pattern to make the quilt.  So, Where did I go wrong?  I have checked measurements, procedures, I even bought the ruler she recommended for the triangles so I have NO IDEA why the patches don't work together.
(that solid pink is supposed to be one of those 9 patches)

Here is what the squares look like if they are trimmed to match the pink ones.  The Seam allowance is only 1/8th of an inch though and there would be no way to save the points.
When I trim the blocks to the correct seam allowance, they look like the brown one in the picture below...
See how much bigger they are?
Did anyone else have this problem with this pattern?
Probably not, I am sure it is something I did along the way that I am unable to identify. 

Anyway, at this time, I do not have the energy to start over with this quilt.  I have 30 of each block and I am not about to waste that work.  So, my solution?  I will make two quilts of course.  Each one will be set with a solid square- maybe on point if I am feeling ambitious when I really sit down to put them together.  So, I picked out a fabric to go with each one already.  That will mean that I will need to do some very special quilting in those large solid blocks. 

My daughter said that I messed up because I was SUPPOSED to make 2 quilts instead of one.  Guess I am just going to have to go with that philosophy so that I won't feel like a complete idiot.  Hopefully I will have 2 very lovely quilts when I am done.  Probably not going to get them into flimsies before Monday as I had hoped though-maybe one of them?????

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  1. Oh Andra! My heart lurched when I saw the picture; I can only imagine how you felt when the blocks were placed next to each other.

    Therefore, I must confirm your daughter's message; "When life gives you lemons...", right? So...two quilts instead of one sounds perfect!



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