Saturday, June 4, 2011

decisions, decisions...

Okay, here is the green fabric with pink roses that I bought to put these squares together.  It is ok but not FABULOUS.  Then there is the option of putting pink in the corners, making it a snowball block.  That pink fabric in the upper left corner is the one I bought for the other blocks actually but it is also a tentative option.

Another option is putting it together with a variety of creams with a little pink in them.  I would need to go shopping as the only one I like is the bottom one.

Third option is putting it together with pink which also means going shopping because I only have about 2/3 of a yard of these 2 combined.  I really like this one I think, or the one with the green with pink corners.

However, that means having 2 quilts that are mostly pink since the other one is going to be put together with the pink from the first photo- I think...

Now I just don't know what to do.  I was hoping to get this one put together before my husband got back from taking my son to BB shooting camp at noon.  Probably not going to happen now.

Let me know what you think.  You might need to try some reverse psychology on me though- my husband says I always do the opposite of what he says.


  1. i like it with the green fabric just plain, it makes all your little pink squares POP, your eye follows the chain, otherwise everything else you suggested seems to make it blend too much to show off all your hard work.

  2. Oh Andra---such yummy ideas. In the end, it'll be what you like the best.....


    ...If I *had* to give you an opinion... ;0)
    I LOVE the first pic showing the green fabric. My initial thought was "ooo...I like the snowball idea", however after reading Add Marie's comment....I do agree with her that the eye follows the diagonals of the 9-patches better without having the snowballs.

  3. OOPS! "Add Marie's" should be "Ann Marie's" No clue what my brain/finger connection was going there! ;0) Maybe I'm still on school-year-math mode



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