Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer, Day 12

lots of sewing, mowed the lawn, mopped the kitchen, cut up tons of fruit to get us through the week, not so bad for a Sunday.
Note about the quilt below:  I took my husband shopping yesterday after we looked and looked at the green fabric and decided the flowers were too big.  He picked out a lovely cream with pink vines on it and that is what we brought home with us.  I have spent today sewing up a few more double nine patch blocks and putting them together with the cream.  It is going to be a very lovely quilt.  I am thinking of doing a circle feather quilting design in each of the cream blocks.  Not quite a full flimsy top yet but I am making good progress.  Not sure it is going to be quite as big as I want even with wide borders.  I am also thinking that the green may be used in the border.
Thanks to those who gave me input.  My husband and I also liked the green but the size of the flowers just wasn't right.
Happy Stitching this week!


  1. Happy to hear that some resolution has happened for you and your quilt.

    And....isn't it AMAZING to read through all that (can) gets done when not on a working schedule?!?! Gosh, it's heavenly!

  2. yep, but I had to go to training today-and for the rest of this week. It was NOT fun to wake up to an alarm.



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