Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 more weeks??!!??

Some one told my daughter today that she only has 3 more weeks until school starts.  She panicked!  It really is just a few days shy of 4 weeks but that sounds a lot like 3 to me.  I don't blame her, I am in panic mode too.  I am already feeling the pressure to enjoy every moment before we all return to school.  I still have all those quilts to finish and a house to clean and papers to write for my History Grant, and lots of weight to lose...

On a happier note, I did spend all day in the sewing room today-at least when I wasn't driving my daughter around to all her stuff.  I did not work on anything that NEEDS to be worked on.  I goofed all day long.  I will have something to show for it eventually but it means I am that much farther behind on the SHOULD do quilts. 

Tomorrow is Friday. :)  Already have lots on the schedule.  Don't know if I will see the sewing room tomorrow or not. 

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  1. Hmmm....I suppose that's ONE plus about teaching in Wisconsin: State Law mandates that school cannot begin until September 1 of any given year. We (teachers) head back three days prior for'm a smidge beyond the midpoint of my summer vacation.

    Yeah...I've slowed down today too....I like how you wrote that...."I goofed all day long." More like, sit with feet up and computer on lap all day long for me today.

    Hang in there; still LOADS of summer time left to enjoy!



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