Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here is what is on my design wall right now.  It is just a sampling of the 56+ blocks I have been working on rather than doing what I should be doing. 

It all started with me doing lots of cleaning around the house.  Looking at my scrap basket, I wondered, "what better way to clean up then to try to use up all of my scraps?"  I know, only a quilter would think that way.  So, I decided I was going to start a KING SIZE quilt with my bright scraps.

So, I choose a few special fat quarters and large scraps for the center squares of most of the blocks (okay, a few of those were chosen at the store) and then just started sewing my scraps to them- most of them were cut into strings already.  It wasn't long before I was running out of variety though, so, to the shelves I went, pulling out fat quarters and larger pieces that were not earmarked for a project already.  Very soon, still no variety, so, I HAD to go grab a few (15- no way, really) fat quarters to help with the variety (yes, from the store).
My son and husband teased me mercilessly about it not counting as a SCRAP quilt if you go out and BUY fabric just to use for it.  My husband thought it was okay to buy the lattice and backing for such a quilt, MY SON DISAGREED EVEN WITH THAT! 
So, here is the scrap basket- the white one, AFTER I have used all the brights I could find (so much for cleaning that out).  The red tub next to it is filled with the scraps from my scrap quilt-pieces too short to reach the width of the blocks at this point. 

Now, I am obsessed with finishing these blocks and can't get my housework done!  Or any of the other quilting projects that are way more important! 
Remember my family wanting to re-watch all the Harry Potter movies before we go see the last one.  Well, last night I REFUSED to watch Dolores Umbridge again!  Can't stand that character!  So, I stole back some quilting time and I am still not done with the blocks.  That is about 20 hours spent on these blocks now, sewing, trimming, ironing etc., and they still aren't all finished. 
I think this quilt is a manifestation of my refusal to give in to the imminent end of my summer vacation!  If I just keep quilting and never get the work done, I won't ever have to go back to work, right?

Any one care to join me in my scrapping?

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