Monday, July 11, 2011

More from our vacation

Natural History Museum

The family pictured with the remains of the giant sloth. The kids LOVED it. 
I am always surprised with what they are interested in and impressed by.  Never the same as I am. 

We actually weren't planning on going to the Natural History Museum but the kids decided they wanted to.  I was thrilled to go see the exhibit on Jamestown where the skeleton of Gosnold is on display.  I LOVED it. 
Lincoln Memorial
They are rebuilding the reflecting pool.  A little disappointed that the kids didn't get to see it but I am sure it was time to fix it-according to the signs.
I don't remember all the city buildings being there when I was there before but maybe they were...
Lincoln's Top Hat-WOW!
I never noticed much about Lincoln until my daughter did a report on him in 5th grade.  She still says he is one of her favorite people.

I was in awe of the presence of his hat. 
(Am. History Museum)
The American History Museum was cool too!  My favorite was the display of the dresses from the first ladies.

Here is Mary Todd Lincoln's dress.  Look how tiny she was.
The dresses of the first ladies was by far my favorite display in the museums.
Obama's Inauguration dress.  Pretty cool huh?

The Washington monument was surprising for sure, even though I had seen it when I was in 8th grade.  The kids really wanted to go inside but tickets were already sold out for the whole day. 

World War II memorial
It was beautiful and incredibly moving.
This wall is where my husband and I started to cry.  Each Star on this wall represents 100 men who lost their lives.  It is titled "The Price of Freedom". 

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