Friday, July 8, 2011

I HAVE been working...

I have been being very lazy (about housework) since I returned from my vacation but I HAVE been doing some quilting.

Here is some hand quilting I have been doing.  I, know, me, hand quilting??? My husband thought I had gone crazy for sure when he saw me working on it last night.  I am probably about half way done after 3 quilting sessions.  Not the speediest since this is a tiny quilt.

Here are my block lotto blocks for this month.

What!!??  Another quilt started???  I know, I AM crazy but there is a story.  First of all, it is a Quilt of Valor- my first ever.  Second, I couldn't sleep and I can't sew while my family is sleeping which means I have to do the quiet part- CUTTING!  So, after working on some other UFOs this morning, I sewed a few of the strips together.  It will be a nine patch on point with those red squares in between.  Maybe it will get done before the end of the year????

Some of my time was spent cleaning up my mess, of which I will never get a handle on.  Can you tell which side I worked on yesterday?  All those fabrics were crammed into a laundry hamper until yesterday.  Now I can actually see them.  Can you guess which side the rest of the room looks like?  How about the rest of my house?
I thought I would become a better housekeeper as I grew older but that has not been the case.  My husband would dare say that I even have gotten worse!  I wonder if he wishes he had married someone who does NOT quilt :).


  1. Ah dear, I could have signed this post with my name as well as much of it also pertains to me. Housework is almost always put on hold with me as well...either until family arrives or visitors are expected :0)
    Can't wait to see your QOV once finished; your excitement is fun to read about!

  2. You are too funny. No you are not supposed to get better at housecleaning, you are supposed to get richer so you can hire a house cleaner. We, of course, are not quite there yet, so I am just practicing making messes!!!

    Love your fabrics!!



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