Friday, August 5, 2011

Final set up of the classroom

I had to go in today to finish up.  Here are some of the finishing touches, though you may not notice a big difference.
This was a very dirty cabinet I pulled out of my garage.  It had been holding paint cans of all varieties which had left many rusty rings.  The outside was rough from the pressboard aging also.  I scrubbed it real good this AM and then went and grabbed me some contact paper.  It is actually pretty cute now.  It does not hold as much as I had hoped though.  I still don't have enough room for hiding my snacks.  It just held the plates, cups, forks etc. 
I put up a few more posters, made my desk messier, you know...the usual teacher stuff.
This is the view over my computer.  I had to get that Thor hottie in there-for historical value you know.  I do eventually get to Vikings-in about May. 
My fabulous, if somewhat reluctant helper.  He is such a great kid.  When I didn't have a job for him to work on, he occupied himself with crafts that he brought along and coloring. 

I also got my second set of curtains up.  They are very wrinkled and I keep forgetting to take the Wrinkle Free spray.  Hope I remember it on Monday.  I think they will be very helpful with keeping it cool and also for viewing the TV. 

I hope to get to spend some time on quilting tomorrow but there are so many other things I need to do too.  I will just have to see. 
Happy back to school everyone...

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  1. Best of luck with a new school year. I'm sure quilting time will be hard to come by for a while. Your room looks great though, definitely worth the effort.



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