Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Doll quilt

Let's see... I have the Christmas tree quilt ready to sew the binding down-quilted it this AM, I helped my son with a tote bag that is now finished- just needs threads trimmed, and I threw together this baby doll quilt for my cousin's daughter who is turning 5 soon and LOVES her babydolls. 

I really wasn't going to make a quilt, I bought a baby doll instead but then I came across this scrap of fabric from an old pair of flannel pajamas- you know, when I was supposed to be cleaning the sewing room- and I just had instant inspiration.

The colors do not show well in this photo it is a lovely shade of yellow and that is blue, not white.  It will show better after I have it quilted and I take a picture out in the sunshine. 

Guess I better get to that floor that is screaming to be mopped...


  1. Thanks, Amy! I hope I get it quilted and bound on Friday. Don't think I will have time tomorrow.



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