Saturday, November 19, 2011

Belated Birthday-the best!

This is my husband.  He is THE BEST husband any woman could ever ask for!  He is cute and cuddly, funny, he dances with me in the living room whenever I want, he cooks (like, everyday!!!) and does all the laundry, and he takes half the basket ball practice duty.  But his birthday gifts to me have won him Husband of the Year!  Husband of a lifetime! (they always do, but this is better than ever!)

He and my children got me 200 fat quarters for my birthday.  Yes, I said 200!  AND, see up in the corner over there, Yep, that IS EQ7!!!!

I opened the gift bag from them and there was 100 fat quarters-and I was thrilled!!!  Then my daughter walks off and comes back with another bag-100 more fat quarters-WOW!  I am blown away!  and then my son leaves and comes back with another bag-yep, the EQ7!  I am doing somersaults by this time!! (well, I would be if I wasn't so old and out of shape).  I am SOOOO spoiled!

And all of this is after my sister's gift of a Barnes and Noble giftcard-I love to read almost as much as she does!
And, my Mom made me this lovely quilt and tote bag!
 Can you tell I love owls?

I hope that all of you are as blessed (and spoiled) as I am by a family who understands and supports your passions as well as mine does. 


  1. What a great gift! (I just stumbled across your blog while looking to see what people are doing with Orca Bay.)

  2. Wowie Zowie Andra!!!!!!!!! I'll be sure to share my husband's ph # with you so you can pass it along to your husband. The man simply HAS to share his gifting techniques with other quilting husbands!

  3. The secret is Keepsake Quilting. They have clearance bags of 100 fat quarters at the end of seasons. And, he takes hints REALLY well!



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