Sunday, December 18, 2011

 Here are baby doll nightgowns that I am making for a cousin's daughter.  They are very simple and unadorned.
Below are the backs-one with a button and one with a tie closure so that she can practice.

 This same child's wish list included doll house dolls.  She does not have a doll house though, so I thought i would make her a small house that would really just be a carrier for her dolls. 
See below...

  So, I got the crazy idea to give this tutorial a try:

 I changed the measurements though and found a template to enlarge for the ends.

This is the inside- the green becomes a garden for the doll house when it is open.

Here is my outside.  I was going to do lots more appliques but I don't feel very motivated yet.  I may still add some by hand or just iron on. Like, a tree on one side, a dog or cat sitting next to the house-maybe...

Once I get the cardboard inside for support, it will make more sense but here you can get an idea of what it will look like.
I ordered the dolls from Amazon rather than try to make them.  Not sure if I will try to pick up some furnishings for inside or not-can grab those at hobby lobby though. 

With the list of items I need to finish before Christmas, I will be sewing like a mad woman every day, not to mention the cleaning that needs to be done.  Guess I should be stitching rather than typing.  Wish you all the best and most productive week!

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