Monday, December 26, 2011

Orca Bay progress

I was itching to work on Orca Bay today but black and white was not appealing to me so I started my red triangles.

See that lovely stack of scraps at the top, that is why I do not really like foundation piecing.  I always get my pieces too big and it wastes so much fabric!  I was being very careful, I thought, and still there are tons of scraps, too small to save. I saved a lot of tiny pieces too.  Thank goodness I have some red scraps on the way from SoScrappy!  :)

But, the triangles are GORGEOUS!  And, I know this is going to be a FABULOUS Quilt! 

Also, Lizzie has had a major overhaul and is sewing beautifully again.  I was told there should be no more problems!  Now I can finish a few Christmas presents and give them to the recipients as New Year's Presents, which are just as nice.
My husband has to go back to work tomorrow and I only have another week off.  How on earth am I going to be able to finish like 100 quilts in that short of time???  Looks like I need to be making a plan and setting some goals for 2012...

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  1. Yes foundation piecing does make for some crumbs....but when making a Bonnie quilt we are getting rid of little scraps that we wouldn't otherwise use in anything at all. Save all the crumbs and use them to stuff a pillow.



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