Tuesday, December 27, 2011

UFO list Started/Goal for 2012

If you look to the sidebar, you will see that I started 2 UFO lists, one for quilts at the piecing stage (a few here just need binding) and one for quilts that are pieced and just need quilting.  This is just what I could remember, sitting here at 3:00 in the morning.  I think what it shows is that I am a very sick individual.  I wonder if I qualify for that Hoarding TV show...
Anyway, these lists are basically my goal for 2012-GET THESE THINGS DONE!
I didn't even start a list for the quilts that I have bought fabric for that hasn't been cut into yet.
When I do complete something on the list, I will just mark through it and leave it there so you and I can see my progress through the year.  Maybe, if I am really industrious, I will fix it so they link to the picture of the quilt.  I don't know, that sounds like a lot of work...???
Anyone want to join me in airing your dirty quilting laundry- come on, show us your UFO list...


  1. Well golly gee....I SHOULD have just said "forget it" while tossing and turning from 2-4 AM this morning and jumped online. We BOTH could have hung out, planning 2012 goals/plans/etc.

    As for Hoarding.....I'm already dialing for you girl! 1-800-I-HOARD'R
    Here's hoping your week ahead allows you the luxury of enjoying some machine and Lizzie time !

  2. I think I have overwhelmed myself. I can't seem to get motivated this morning to do anything. I am thinking a trip to the fabric store just might do the trick-need more black and cream for Orca Bay...



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