Sunday, January 15, 2012

Part 2 of Baby Quilt Along

My son and I went to the fabric store this morning and we decided that we wanted pink rather than light blue for the background.  So, here is what our center portion looks like on the design wall.
The center squares are cut at 8 1/2 inches-you need 6 of these. 
The 4 corner triangles are 6 1/2 inch squares that you cut on the diagonal 1 time like this...

The side setting triangles are cut from 12 1/2 inch squares cut on the diagonal twice, like this...
You need 10 of them.
I probably won't get mine pieced together until tomorrow. 
I am off to Basket Ball practice.  Then I have to go get a new cord for my Nook as mine is already broken-grr...

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  1. Going to be a lovely quilt, you were lucky to have company on your trip to the store.



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