Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Progress

Well, I did not get as much done as I had hoped...

The baby quilt has the binding sewn on and I just need to finish sewing it down by hand.

I did not get my cousin's quilt on the frame because the backing is about 6 inches short and I need to figure out a solution to that.  I did get this one loaded onto the frame though and one row of quilting done.
It is Tic Tac Toe blocks from the block lotto (a long time ago).  It has been waiting for quilting for much too long!  It is meant for my daughter but last time she looked at it, she thought it was too pink for her -she prefers green and nothing girly!  My husband said it wasn't too pink for him to cover up, we will see who ends up with it once it is done.

I also got this quilt ready to tie...

It was hand pieced by my grandmother out of polyester knit.   So far I have just been calling it "Granny Squares".
My husband and I decided that it needs to be tied at the corner of every 2 squares, so that is going to take a while.  I originally thought we would sew on buttons for ties but I think I have given up on that idea and am going for using thick embroidery floss.  It has flannel on the back and a polyester batting.

I have noticed that it is getting awfully close to my 300th post so I am thinking about getting together a little something for a giveaway.  Check back soon.

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