Sunday, March 18, 2012

another new project...

I know, I know!... The last thing I need is another project BUT I DID win the block lotto Blocks from February and had to start working on them.
So, here they are on the wall so far.  I still have lots to do.  I am trying to make it look very scrappy and placed so they do not sit in neat, tidy rows. 
I think it is coming out very well.  I will have enough left over to make a baby quilt I think.  This one is just going to be lap size.

In addition to that, my kids and I are moping around a little since this is our last day of Spring Break!  Back to school tomorrow for 9 and a half more weeks of school.  SBA testing when we head back-ick!

We have had a nice week though.  Mostly good weather, (until today) a little traveling, a family wedding, a lot of resting,  a few family game nights and today the kids got to each take a friend and we all went out to lunch and then bowling.  It was fun, despite this weather...
Yes, that is the typical spring here in the southwest US- North Central New Mexico-its not snow, its not rain, its just wind and dirt.  Not the best for breathing...

Here is what my husband has been working on, a little wall on the front porch to serve a variety of purposes-another week or two and I can put plants out to make it look lovely and homey...have to wait for the risk of freezing to pass and it is supposed to snow tomorrow- probably will just because everything is already blooming-that's what happened last year and a lot of stuff never recovered. 

In 10 more weeks, I promise to
  • exercise more
  • clean the house
  • cook more
  • quilt more

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  1. I really love those heart blocks ... Even if they were my idea, I never know if that idea works until I see a bunch of blocks together. I hope you are living them, too. Please be sure to share your quilt on so e eryone can see your great work ;-)



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