Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby blankie

Here is a baby blanket I made for my cousin's grandson who is about 1 month old now.  It is 3 layers of flannel, front, back, and plain white flannel on the inside-makes for a lovely squishy blankie.  Then I bound it with silky blanket binding-at my husband's insistance.  It has very few straight lines of quilting to hold it together.  I hope it is a nice soft blanket that they will use up and wear out. 
Here you can see the back and the very light quilting.  The tag says "may your life be sewn with love."

Need to make one more for another family baby that is expected any moment now.  Maybe I will actually get it done today so that my cousin can take them both home with her tomorrow. 

Then, there is another family baby just born so I should get something put together for her.  Looks like baby quilts are the thing for awhile...


  1. Really cute. I use those fleece blankets you get a Walmart for around $3-$5 as batting in some of my quilts I want to be really warm. Don't like WM exactly, but haven't found a heavy batting that will work as well! Great job!

  2. Gosh, that fabric is adorable! Great finish.



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