Saturday, July 14, 2012


It is official.  I have a true sickness.  I now own 5, yes, 5 sewing machines.  3 Berninas, an antique Singer treadle, and a Tin Lizzie.  My scraps and stash have taken over the sewing room and have moved into my bedroom-husband is less than thrilled with that.  And, after adding that third Bernina yesterday, I still have no machine to sew on today.  2 Berninas are in for service (the one I purchased yesterday had just been brought in and not serviced yet but I sewed on it and grabbed it up), 1 Bernina is at my Mom's since her Janome is broken, can't use Lizzie without sewing together backings using my missing Berninas, and my treadle I can't get to because I HAVEN'T CLEANED UP MY MESS IN THERE IN A WHILE. 
That means I might actually have to spend my weekend, uh...gasp...CLEANING!


  1. I read this post, and all I can do is nod my head and chuckle in understanding. :D I have 4 sewing machines but I only use one of them. Why I need the others? Sentimental reasons, and one is a backup in case I ever need it.

  2. don't feel bad....i own 11 sewing machines(all but one treadle works)- 2 sergers, and a long arm....

    1. Wow! Do you use all of them? Where do you keep them all? Do you use them for a business? Now I am concerned that I won't be able to stop buying them! :)



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