Sunday, July 22, 2012

No sewing today...

Just lots of fun at my son's birthday party with friends and family!

Boats were the most fun according to the Uncle-that's him in back with the shades on.
 Alex said go carts were the best...

I enjoyed watching him climb the wall!
 It was tougher than they thought it would be! 

Lots of errands to run tomorrow before quilting can begin.  I will be missing a great trunk show at my guild but it can't be helped-have to work within the dates for school registration. 

So relieved that I am not setting up a classroom this year.  I will miss the camaraderie and meeting the new kids though.  I am really looking forward to a year at home and the opportunities that may come my way while I focus on quilting and family. 


  1. I was smiling from ear-to-ear while looking at all the pictures. AMAZING FUN!
    Back-to-School...Wow. After 14 years myself, I am so very tempted to try out the role of something different. :\ If I may ask, was there anything that caused this time away from teaching? I am sorry if I missed the reasoning previously on your blog; it must have been shared during my crazy school-year when I was kept away from blogging for months!

  2. Life is just so crazy busy that I was getting very burned out. My health is deteriorating and my parents are getting to need a lot of assistance from me as well. So, we are trying a year off to see if we can make it on one income. If not, I will be returning next year,completely rejuvinated (that's the hope anyway). Vacations will be spent at home from now on and I will have to STOP purchasing quilting fabric and put my stash to use!



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