Thursday, July 26, 2012

Up since 4:30...

Wish I felt this productive everyday...already ran dishwasher, mopped kitchen floor, helped son clean the washing machine (it sure gets grody for supposedly cleaning all the time) cleaned out pantry floor, 35 min. on elliptical,and pinned a bunch of quilt squares which I will now go sew together before I jump in the shower.


  1. GREAT morning itinerary! Are you going to grow fonder of those quiet morning hours?? :)

  2. I hope not. I need a nap now...:)

  3. Andra, don't you just love productive mornings? I go through those days of production and non-production. I can't remember if I shared this with you or not. I am asking quilters for a donation of a lap sized or bit larger quilt for Aurora Colorado, all quilts go to Aurora. If you can't send one, please pass this information around. Today, I am traveling and passing out fliers to quilt and yarn shops!



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