Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday chore

Grape Ape (aka purple monster) is loaded on the machine and patiently awaiting quilting.  I have some new long arm quilting books that I will be referencing as I practice my free motion quilting.  Trying to move away from so much pantograph quilting. 
However, I must exercise and complete some errands and other chores before I am allowing myself to start this quilting.  Can't hardly wait.  It will be a reluctant 35+ minutes on the elliptical this morning. 
Thinking about calling this quilt True Colors.  Although, I like Grape Ape too!
I was originally going to put it together with just white.  Then I thought turquoise.  But, when I took a few blocks with me to the fabric store, the purple literally SCREAMED, "I am the one!"  Doesn't go with any decor in my house but neither do the bright blocks.  But my husband loves purple. 
Happy Monday!


  1. Love the purple. Good luck with the free motion quilting. Are you using purple thread?

  2. I am using purple thread and practicing my feathers. Used 2 bobbins in the first row. WOW!!!

  3. Oh Andra----what a FUN quilt! Love Love Love the purple.



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