Monday, August 6, 2012


My husband suggested that I go back to what I was doing last year, when I challenged myself to complete 12 quilts in one year-basically one per month.  I think I can probably handle that since I won't be teaching this year.
Its the 8th month of 2012 and I have finished 5 quilts.  So, I am a little behind.  That means I need to do about 2 quilts per month for the rest of 2012.  HMMMM....Might be possible since I am already almost done with the Grape Ape, thanks to Olympic binding sessions.  Just 2 more king sized edges to go. 
I have been really lazy the last couple of weeks about getting my exercise in so I have to pick that back up too!

The kids only have one more week of freedom and then its back to the classroom.  They are less than excited, I must say.
Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday.  Hope your Tuesday is crammed full of more quilting than errands and chores, unfortunately, mine is not but I should have Wednesday pretty much to myself.
Happy Stitching!

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