Thursday, August 9, 2012

Working on Labels

Here are a couple of pictures of Sophie as she works on embroidering quilt labels. 
We had a nice day sewing with my Mom.  She worked on a cute, cute baby quilt while Sophie and I worked on labels for a few quilts.  I will show the labels when Sophie gets them finished and put on their respective quilts.

I am almost done with my True Colors binding, I think I basically have one more edge to do but I am falling behind (not spending much time in front of the TV).

When I do finish that binding, I have to put sleeves on two quilts so I can get them entered in the state fair in September.  So, a lot of necessary but not very exciting sewing going on.

I also got some fabric ironed and added to the stash.  It has been stacking up despite my claims that I am going to NOT BUY ANY MORE!  Somehow, I always need a backing or a binding or one more piece to match something in a UFO and then that gets me in to the fabric shop and then...(I know all of you can finish this sentence). 

On my last trip to the fabric store, I was in a hurry to get my son to swimming so I walked in and chose 3 bolts I had to have, and 3 or 4 more that I think I will use in another UFO, had them cut and was back in the car in less than 20 minutes.  My son was very impressed.  He was sure we would be there for "hours" and miss swimming completely but I showed him...

I Can't believe the kids go back to school next week.  I am not ready so it is good that I won't be going back with them.  I will really have to get busy on cleaning this place up though.  I can't get in to my own closet.  Pretty sad when you would rather put on clea-rty clothes and quilt then to actually clean out that mess so you can get dressed!  My husband calls it an illness but he just walks away shaking his head rather than trying to make me see reason. 

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  1. As far as I am aware, there is no cure for the 'would-rather-quilt-than-clean' syndrome. I have been diagnosed with a case of it myself. Sadly, it flares up quite badly at times, while other times it's not so bad. I wish you luck with your case.

    As for embroidery--no, I haven't purchased anything. I actually resisted that temptation (for now.)



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