Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mini Design Wall

This is my little sewing corner since I moved my machine in my bedroom.  I have a ton more room for my longarm now but this is kinda a dark little corner and nothing to look at.  So...
I decided I would create a mini design wall so I could look at the blocks I am currently working on.
I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up 4 of these stretcher strips (actually for stretching your own canvas for paintings).  They were $4 each.
You slide the corners together- I didn't even glue them or anything.  I wonder if it will hold up-that little piece of batting isn't very heavy after all.
I think this tool is my new best friend.  i have a few other projects in mind to use it on...
I cut by batting 5 inches bigger than the frame.  I used a 40 inch square frame.
Stapled it on...
Much more pleasant space to spend hours in. 
Those are my Oklahoma Backroads blocks from a Bonnie Workshop and the others are blocks I received in Block Swap Adventure. 
They aren't really current projects but the ones I wanted to look at for awhile. 
I can see my husband rolling his eyes now...he said something the other day about needing to get him an apartment because I am taking over the house with my quilting...


  1. What a super cute idea. I love it! Definitely something to put on the list to try.

  2. LOL. The husband has the simply have outgrown your initial space and needed a little bit more. The mini design wall idea is FABULOUS!!!! Great creativity!

    And LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oklahoma Backroads fabrics!!!

    What sewing table are you using for the Bernina? We have the same machine! I never knew that...did you? I would LOVE to have a "real" sewing table at the height of the needle/table...... I've simply never done much research on it.

    1. Amy, That is the Koala sewing table that I purchased with my first bernina the 440? QE. I had to buy a new insert for this machine. I love it but it is about to get worn out-the wheels fall off and it creaks really bad when I move it. I can look up the model number if you want but you just adjust it to fit your machine-well, my engineer husband adjusted it for me :)
      LOVE having it at needle height though!!!!!

  3. Great idea! Can't wait to thy this out in my new sewing room.

  4. Great idea and your blocks are 'art'. I love the Oklahoma Backroads blocks. I have the Sew Perfect table and it seems very sturdy and nice so far. I got mine off ebay, same people but a cheaper price for some reason.



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