Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tent Rocks National Monument

Today my daughter was going hiking with her friends and so we all decided to tag along.
Living in New Mexico my whole life, I still had never heard of Tent Rocks which has, in recent years, become a National Monument.

Here I am with my son at the beginning of the hike.
We were amazed by the scenery right from the start. 

Further up the trail, we were beginning to feel the hike.  We are not a serious hiking family but this one was not too tough for us.  We just made sure we went slowly-compared to my daughter and her friends who practically ran up to the top...

Reaching the summit we could see mountains and mesas surrounding us in every direction.  Beautiful scenery!

Here is 3/4 of our family-my daughter was way too cool to jump in a photo with her family.

We ate lunch here, my son was a little nervous since it was just a narrow strip with a drop on 3 sides.  Right behind me was a pretty much straight drop down.  He was happy when we moved back towards the mesa and a wider trail.

You go back the way you came, here is a narrow slot, one of many that we passed through.  None of them were really a tight fit but we did go single file. 

We started at about nine and it was noon when we were near the bottom of the trail again, perfect time for a shot of the sun peeking through overhead. 

We had a lot of fun and are very thankful to the mother of my daughter's friend for sharing it with us. 

It wasn't too hot either since we started early in the morning and finished close to noon. 

A very nice day with family and friends!

Maybe some stitching tomorrow...


  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful place where you live. Amazing amazing amazing. Happy to hear the temperatures were tolerable in order for a great family outing.

  2. Beautiful scenery, reminds me of the narrows here at Zions National Park in Utah. Next time you hike you may want to come to Utah. P.S. Love your blog!



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