Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The hour long quest to find less expensive quilt fabric ends in failure.  There is just no way to get the small amount of fabulous fabric that I need for an affordable price.  Fiddlesticks!


  1. There's a good sale going on at Connecting Threads this week.

  2. Ok I'm gonna tell you where to go but when I open my shop I want you to come and visit me, don't worry it will be a while. These prices are at least 1-2$ less than everywhere. Enjoy.

  3. Cool, Thanks! Are you really opening a shop???

  4. Hey Andra! Again, it's nice to meet you! I just joined a local group on facebook that sells quilting/sewing/crafting supplies -- like a big yardsale, only just craft stuff, and on FB. People post pics of their stuff with a $ amount and other people jump on it. I've gotten some great fabrics that way -- for under $3 a yard. You might check and see if there's anything like that in your area! :)



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