Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Here is what I have been up to lately...This is a quilt that was started 2 years ago, finally got those blocks together with the first border.  I will have to go to the store to get an outer border- I am thinking red-, binding and backing.  This will then be posted on my website for sale.  Wish me luck!!!  I have also signed up for a craft fair in November.  Hope I can get some great things made by then.  I have never done this before so I am really a fish out of water here. 
This is a big Christmas lap quilt. 

This quilt came off the longarm today and will be another one posted on the website.  I am thinking a nice solid binding in pink or purple.  It is a small lap size quilt. 

Hawaii Sunset progress:  there are about 30 four patches here.  I am using them as Leaders and Enders so they are slowly piling up.
There are more than enough 9 patches here which is fine with me!  I can always use 9 patches in a project for the craft fair!  Also, it will allow me to select only the best ones for trading with my Hawaii Sunset partners!  As for my flying geese, I have about half of them half way done (a few are actually complete).  But, I may actually get them done by the end of the month which is sorta the goal.
I also managed to get my closet cleaned out this weekend.  It seemed like it had been decades since it had been done but I KNOW I did it once in the last 4 years or so.  Seems really empty now that I got rid of everything that I have grown too round to fit in to.  Now I have room to put quilt stash in there too.  That means I get to buy more fabric, right? 
Basketball Season starts tomorrow which means even less time for sewing.  Wish me luck on getting things done for a November Craft Show.  If anyone has any" pointers", I would love to hear them!
Saw the first yellow leaves of the season today.  That's pretty early for around here.  Feeling a little chilly in the mornings also but still sweating throughout the day!  Guess I better get ready for fall!
Have a lovely week!


  1. Looks like you are making good progress on Hawaii, there are an awful lot of geese.

  2. Awesome progress on Hawaii...I am going to be doing geese tomorrow...I will make the goal for getting them done by the end of the month too...that means I only have to do about 200 each weekend, HA!



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