Friday, September 14, 2012


I am really loving my magnetically decorated gel polished nails.  It was so much fun to get them done and I love the way they look.  They feel just like polished nails too and they do not have to be refilled like acrylic.  the gel does not come off with nailpolish though-you have to go back to the salon.  They are not fake, it is put right on your nails. 

I was a slacker yesterday.  Have to make up for it today.  Off for a walk in a few minutes, then have to get sleeves on my quilts for the state fair-they have to go to the shop today or tomorrow.  Have a meeting this afternoon and lots of quilting to do in between. 
First basketball game of the season is tomorrow.  House really needs some serious cleaning even though that is what we did last weekend.  It never ends, this house cleaning stuff!

Hope you all are having lovely fall weather like we are.  It has been raining for days.  Some of you might not consider that lovely weather but here in the desert it is bliss!  It makes for some lovely clouds and skies too!  And finally, I can wear long pants without roasting- I even have a sweat shirt on this morning and the back door left open to let in some fresh air!

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