Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Finish

Okay, a few things...
I want it known that I fully and completely blame Amy for whetting my appetite for an embroidery machine.  I had my mom's deco and hadn't even really thought about getting a new machine but then she got hers, and it did cool things, and the designs could be 5 X 7, and, and, and...I am now the very happy owner of a Janome Memory Craft 350e.  It is almost as exciting as having a new baby in the house and I have been by its side almost as much. 

I have been so busy trying to work on things for the two craft shows I have coming up and quilting for others that I really haven't had "finishes" to show, so I am excited to show something that was made all for myself and is complete.

It is a Nametag/small pocket purse for me to wear at one of my quilt groups.  They have door prizes but if they draw your name, you must be wearing a nametag to get the prize.  All the members have been very creative with their nametags and many of them have little bags similar to the one I came up with.  Not sure what will go in the little pocket but I am very pleased with it!  It advertises my business, has my name, has my pandas (one of the things that helped me decide to buy the Janome was these soooo cute pandas)-my nick name as a child was "panda" because I loved them so much and still do.  Love elephants and owls too-it is just perfect for what I needed.  Not the greatest picture though because it is actually red, not pink.

I now spend a lot of time on embroidery websites, like I had time to spare????  I love! 

You will be seeing many more embroidered projects.
Tomorrow I have to finish quilting that I started earlier this week for a friend/customer and then have to work on more craft fair projects. 
Saturday will be swallowed up by 2 basketball games, back to back, and Sunday I am at the quilt show at the state fair.  Wow, the weekend is gone and it hasn't even started...Guess I will have to stay up all night to embroider like I have been all week.


  1. So glad I already have a machine that does embrodiery, lol or I would need to get one too! Now to just take some time to figure it out....I love your little project!

  2. I have been battling that battle (me again me) for a while now. My daughter (and my daughter-in-law) would *love* for me to get one, too. But so far I am resisting. LOL!! Enjoy, enjoy!!! :)

  3. CUUUUUTE! I'm so excited you also have found a new passion for the time-being :) It looks like you are enjoying yours just as much as I'm enjoying mine.




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