Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Preparations

Look, I have a finish and it is safe to show because it has already been delivered to my daughter's piano teacher of almost 9 years.  It is about time she had a special quilt.  Hope she likes it!  And, you can see, this is where all of my Easy Street colors went so I had to shop my stash for a completely different color palette.  I am so far behind on Easy Street, will show you some progress soon. 
Here is the label...
And here is what else I have been up to-  the tree went up the day after Thanksgiving as it always does.  My daughter chose blue and white this year.  Then we did some cookie baking that weekend...
And this isn't even all of them!

And, I still haven't blogged about the newest member of our household even though he has been with us since the end of October. 
This is Oliver.  Yes, I have a poodle problem just like I have a quilting problem.  I now have 3 miniature poodles.  Oliver is about 8 years old, the same age as our oldest female, Sophie.  He is such a happy little guy!  He came from a Humane shelter.  I wanted him desperately but couldn't get to the adoption event so my sister went and got him for me!  He has a deep bark and ears that stick up most of the time-hence, my sister and daughter call him Dobby- like the elf from Harry Potter.  He has a limp that comes and goes- the vet thinks its from an old knee injury and, last weekend he gave us a fright when he had a little seizure.  But, the vet says he is perfectly healthy and he is definitely happy so we are thrilled to have him in our family!  He bounces like Tigger and he has a sincere affection for a particular squirrel squeak toy.  He also likes to be covered up with a little quilt before bed at night and then does not budge until morning. 

Here is our awkward family photo for this year. 
Now, I plan on having some time this weekend to catch up on Easy Street but there are still customer quilts that need to be done also...Keep you posted

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