Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's run...

I wish it had looked more like this rather than dead, dry grass, and a 200+ pound runner who walked most of the way...But, hey, you gotta start somewhere.
30 min. total. Run 1 min. walk 3 min. for six cycles plus warm up and cool down. 
I did it though!  Now I just have to make myself do it again tomorrow- which is actually cross training day, and then I get Friday off with a run planned Saturday afternoon after I attend a fiction writing workshop.
Goal for the rest of the day and into the end of the week:
Finish that last palm tree and get that t shirt quilt pieced into a top.  That means quilting tomorrow: a quilt that is on the machine already, and then getting this t shirt quilt loaded on the quilter on Friday!  Hope my pantograph arrives by then!  I would really like to be binding this quilt by early next week!!!!!


  1. Tomorrow is the day I start and it will likely be this 200+ pound runner (walker!!) and some frozen crunchy grass and a lot of silence. Like you say though, "you gotta start somewhere." I decided to wait until after hubby's vacation. My goal is that next year we can take that Hawaii trip in January and I will be able to wear a swim suit and look decent doing it! That and get off my high blood pressure meds. :D

    All I wanna say is... YaY You!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds great! We can encourage each other, take this journey together!



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