Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday, Sunday...

Cleaned up the sewing room a little which only made my bedroom messier-I have so much fabric it is over flowing to there and I have to find some way to tame it.

Did I say that my fabric is overflowing?  It is!  There is just SOOO MUCH of it!  I seriously need to start making string blocks since I have 3, yes, 3 crates full of strings!  I found some cute ones on Pinterest that have a white & black string in the middle of each block so that it makes a lattice when you put them together.  I think I will have to get some white & black so I can start working on them!

Did I say string blocks?  Yes I did...I spent the last hour working on analogous string blocks for a project I am just starting!  They are making me very happy.

Just made my To-Do list for tomorrow and it takes up half a legal pad!  ICK!
Good thing tomorrow is a rest day on the running front.  I would never make it otherwise...

Weekend Gratitudes:
1.  completed a customer quilt and they were delighted!
2.  some sewing time this evening
3.  great FAMILY run this morning
4.  Lots to do tomorrow and some of it involves fabric and sewing
5.  I am so very blessed!

Sleep well and Happy Monday everyone!

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