Thursday, February 28, 2013

What do you think?

Saw these at Lane Bryant yesterday and I love them-though the price tag held me back.
Sent the pic to my sis and she said I absolutely could NOT have them, that NO ONE SHOULD HAVE THEM! 
So, what do you think?  Could an almost 40, overweight, stay at home mom/quilt designer & instructor pull these off?  I might have to go back and try them on today!


  1. I am definitely not an authority on what an almost 40 woman should wear, but I do believe we should all be able to wear anything that makes us feel good. These remind me of some similar patterned jeans have--mine are faded black with a lighter gray paisley design ... for which I ALWAYS get compliments. FWIW, I think patterned jeans are on-trend. I recently saw an article about polka dot jeans with a DIY tutorial on how to add your own (painted) dots to jeans (which I think I'm going to try :-)

  2. Why not, if you like them--just pair them with a tunic top! sounds good to me :--)))) Julierose

  3. Lane Bryant is a store for us larger women. I am wanting to get a pair of jeans with the 'Blingy' back pockets.

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