Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dr. Who craziness...

My daughter is CRAZY about Dr. Who.  Her 15th birthday is just around the corner-we went shopping for some of her presents the other day because some things she just has to try on!  She chose a tardis t shirt dress and red converse-specifically for a school drama club event- and a t shirt and Dr Who wrist bands.  All of these items are for her birthday.  However, I am constantly trying to get the girl to carry a purse so that she can keep track of all of her electronics etc.  So, today I pulled out the blue Kona and went to work.  The words are embroidered with my embroidery machine, windows are wonder-undered on and then a straight stitch around the edge, and the black is satin stitch on my regular machine.  It was just a pattern I had stuck in the closet.  I shortened the strap considerably and I am still not sure it is short enough. 
I added the inside pockets that were part of the pattern but I made them out of some of my London themed fabric that is actually meant for a quilt for my sister that I will get to some day...

I have to say that I am very happy with how it turned out.  If she doesn't like it enough to carry it, I might have to...So, there will be a little surprise for her birthday, this and a Dr Who wallet that I ordered from the UK because I couldn't find it anywhere in the US. 

These are some of the blocks for a quilt I am working on for a customer.  It is made from all of her daughter's baby clothes.  The blocks take a LONG time to trim the clothing items, iron interfacing on the back, and trim to a usable size and then put together.  There are six 18 inch blocks here.  I think I need 30 or maybe even 36! 
Here are three more... they all still need to have their final trimming. 
I think it will be late in the week before I get a day to work on these again. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring! 


  1. What a great purse! My daughter would also love it. She did a study-abroad in England and got hooked on Dr. Who over there. Once she got home, she got the rest of us hooked, too. Her favorite Christmas gift last year was a t-shirt from her brother that says "I Gallifrey. She has a small swatch of Tardis fabric from Spoonflower that would make a great lining for a purse. I hope your daughter likes hers!

  2. there were supposed to be two hearts between "I" and "Gallifrey" in the above post. Not sure what happened... the idiosyncracies of the internet, I guess?

  3. Oh I absolute love the Tardis purse!! I've been watching Dr.Who for the last couple of years and am hooked (and I'm 42!!)
    Have you seen the Dr. Who fabric on the Spoonflower website? :)

  4. a Dr. Who fan...May want to check out this quilt a long that is starting next week!



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