Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014!

I haven't grabbed much stitching time the last few days and so, of course, that is one of my main goals for this year-GET A LOT MORE QUILTS FINISHED!

I have never really been one for resolutions as they just never really stick but I feel like things have been left just floating around this year while I tried to juggle it all.  So, what better time than the first day of a new year to set some goals and, hopefully, put in place some guidelines for myself to keep me on track.

Goal number one has to do with my health!  In college, I taught aerobic exercise.  I worked out twice a day, at least 5 days a week, and I ate very little.  I felt healthy and was proud of myself.  Now, 19 years later and 60 pounds heavier, I am not thrilled with my appearance and health and it is time to do something about it!  So, I registered for online Weight Watchers today and I am making a new commitment to actually attend the expensive gym to which I already belong.  I have been making it about twice a week since October.  That has got to become 4 times a week starting now!  I am aiming for healthy and happy with my appearance.  There are no numbers attached here!

Goal number two is to complete more quilts!  I have always said I wanted to have some patterns published so this is the year that I will make that happen.  Last year I had a block published in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Magazine.  This year it needs to be a complete pattern backed by a finished quilt!  So, I need to get sewing.  Designing patterns is easy, executing them is another story.  No more procrastinating!  I have to schedule time and follow through!  I am asking you all to please keep me on track with this one!

Goal number three (is that too many already?  If so, this is the one that will go...)
I want to be a better housekeeper.  My office is always a mess.  My closet, a disaster!  My sewing room is a nightmare that my husband refuses to enter!  Let's not even start on the rest of the house.  I would like to be one of those people who never has the desire to sit down and do anything other than clean and organize- I would for sure be skinnier!-But I am not that person.  I am the person who would rather quilt than do anything, or read a book, or be at the computer, or crochet, or just stand around looking at the mess rather than actually doing anything about it.  Cleaning actually makes me angry.  So, I am looking for ways to overcome that this year and just get'r done!

Hope you all are having a lovely time with family and friends this holiday season !  Hope you are finding time to do exactly what it is that you love to do!
Best Wishes to you in the New Year and may your accomplishments be many!

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  1. Good luck with your resolutions this year. The quilting goals sound like more fun than the other ones!



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