Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jacquie Gering

Ok, so, I am really not much of a modern quilter even though I DO teach a class on free piecing...
But, I had the pleasure of spending all day Sunday and most of the day on Monday in the presence of an amazing and inspirational woman and quilter, Jacquie Gering of Tall Grass Prairie Studio!
This is one of Jacquie's most famous quilts, Not Lost in the Woods
Jacquie has a lovely, generous and fun personality!  I hope you have the pleasure of taking one of her classes some day!
This was definitely one of my favorites of Jacquie's quilts!
Here is my quilt from the first day of class...

 I went straight to the shop on the way home to buy some more of that steel grey.  I planned on making my quilt with the green, black, white and 2 greys, mostly using the light grey as my background.  you can see how that changed with Jacquie's influence.  I think I am going to love this quilt!  My husband told me I should take that blue fabric and it is a good thing he did. 
I have another one from the next day that I am done with the top and working on a backing.  No pictures yet.  I will show it at a later date. 

Gotta go, I am pretty sure I hear a poodle digging into my scrap basket...

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  1. Loving it Andra! I cannot wait to see it all finished. I have read that gal's blog a long time, and will get in one of her classes if she is ever out this way with your recommendation! PS I will soon get out Hawaii Sunset and get it done, lol!



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