Saturday, March 8, 2014


It was a misty morning for my run.  My sweatshirt was damp at the end of my run even though there were no real drops of rain.  I had a great run!  Ran the second mile without stopping for walking at all.  I ran a total of almost 4 miles and felt really good, even added a little sprint at the end.  However, within an hour, my "running headache" had set in.  Does anyone else get this?  No matter how much I eat and drink, I almost always get a headache after running.  It didn't go away until, hours later, when I had taken Excedrin and relaxed in a hot bath.
The run takes place down by the river every Saturday.  This morning we were accompanied by some geese overhead and on the ground, they made lots of wonderful noise. 
So, even though I haven't been counting points for the past 3 weeks, I lost 2.5 pounds.  Guess the running is paying off.  I really need to try to squeeze it in more than 2 times per week though!
I am at the point of needing new clothes for sure.  I had already bought a few things a few weeks ago and now those things are too big so I am really going to need to get some new items.  Glad warm weather is coming so I can grab some shorts and Capris and not worry about some of the other things for now. 

I have way too many projects in the works right now, all with quickly approaching deadlines!  I have to get busy.  The busier I get, the busier the kids seem to get too which doesn't work out well.
I seriously have to organize this office tomorrow and get a lot of long-arming done!  Not crazy about the idea of losing an hour when I do not have one to spare. 
Can't believe my Lobos lost to San Diego State tonight!  They were so close!
Happy March! 

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